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Associations and Organizations:

Autism Speaks
2 Park Avenue
11th Floor
New York, NY 10016
Phone: (212) 252-8584
Fax: (212) 252-8676

Autism Society of Dade County
P.O. Box 831405
Miami, Florida 33283
305-232-7901 Fax
Autism Research Institute
4182 Adams Avenue
San Diego, CA 92116
619-563-6840 Fax
Autism Society of America
7910 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 300
Bethesda, MD 20814-3015
800-3Autism, extension 150
Autistic Child Advocate Association
19732 N.E. 12 Place
Miami, FL 33179
305 -758-5912
Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)
Family Network on Disabilities
2735 Whitney Road
Clearwater, FL 33160
Local Number: 305 -387-7856
Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System-South
Exceptional Student Education
5555 S.W. 93 Avenue
Miami, FL 33165
Florida Dept. of Children & Families/Developmental Disabilities
1317 Winewood Blvd., Bldg. 1, Room 325
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0700
850 -488-4877
Local Number: 305 -377-5029
Job Accommodation Network
West Virginia University
918 Chestnut Ridge, Suite 1
P.O. Box 6080
Morgantown, WV 26506-6080
Medicaid Headquarters
P.O. Box 13000
Tallahassee, FL 32317-3000
305 -277-5068
Parent to Parent of Miami
7990 S.W. 117th Avenue, Suite 201
Miami, FL 33183
305- 271-6628 Fax
University of Miami
UM CARD/Main Office
P.O. Box 248768
Coral Gables, FL 33124
305-284-6563 or (800) 9-Autism
305-284-6555 Fax

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   Books for Parents

The following books are available from:

  • Trevor, Trevor by Diane Twachtman-Cullen, PhD, CCC-SLP.
  • Asperger's Huh? A Child's Perspective by Rosina G. Schnurr, John Strachan (Illustrator)
  • Asperger's What Does it Mean to Me? by Catherine Faherty.
  • Children with Autism: A Parent's Guide by Michael Powers, Woodbine House, Bethesda, Md (800) 843-7323.
  • Siblings of Children with Autism: A Guide to Families by Sandra L. Harris. Woodbine House, Bethesda, Md.
  • Andy and his Yellow Frisbee by Mary Thompson.
  • Handbook of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders ed. by Donald J. Cohen and Fred R. Volkmar, M.D.
  • Asperger Syndrome Edited by Ami Klin, Ph.D., Fred Volkmar, M.D., & Sara Sparrow, Ph.D.
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorders: Finding a Diagnosis and Getting Help.
  • Emergence: Labeled Autistic (1986) by Granding T. & Scariano, M.; Avena Press, 20 Commercial Blvd., Novato CA 94947-6191.
  • Autism: Information and Resources for Professionals and Parents, 2nd Ed. by Richard L. Simpson and Paull Zionts.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Transactional Developmental Perspective by Amy M. Wetherby and Barry M. Prizant.
  • Eating an Artichoke: A Mother's Perspective on Asperger Syndrome by Echo R. Fling.
  • It Can Get Better... Dealing with Common Behavior Problems in Young Autistic Children by Paul Dickinson and Liz Hannah.
  • Sibshops: Workshop for Siblings of Children with Special Needs by Donald J. Meyer and Patricia F. Vadasy.
  • From the Classroom to the Workplace, Vol. 1 & Vol. II by Juanita Pritchard & Karla Stone.

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Professional Resources
  • Asperger Syndrome and Adolescence: Practical Solutions for School Success by Brenda Smith Myles and Diane Adreon.
  • Asperger Syndrome and Difficult Moments: Practical Solutions for Tantrums, Rage, and Meltdowns by Brenda Smith Myles and Jack
  • Southwick.
  • Asperger Syndrome and Sensory Issues: Practical Solutions for Making Sense of the World by Brenda Smith Myles, Katherine Tapscott Cook, Nancy E. Miller, Louann Rinner and Lisa A. Robbins.
  • Asperger Syndrome: A Practical Guide for Teachers by Val Cumine, Julia Leach and Gill Stevenson.
  • Asperger's Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals by Tony Attwood.
  • Comic Strip Conversations by Carol Gray.
  • I Can Problem Solve: An Interpersonal Cognitive Problem-Solving Problem by Myrna B. Shure. Note: Kindergarten and Primary Grades and Intermediate elementary grades.
  • Skillstreaming the Elementary School Child: New Strategies and Perspectives for Teaching Prosocial Skills by ellen McGinnis and Arnold P. Goldstein.
  • Skillstreaming the Adolescent: New Strategies and Perspectives for Teaching Prosocial Skills by Arnold P. Goldstein and Ellen McGinnis.
  • Taming the Recess Jungle: Socially Simplifying Recess for Students with Autism and Related Disorders by Carol Gray.
  • Autism and PDD: Social Skills Lessons by Pam Britton Reese and Nena C. Challenner. Lingui System   5 bk series. Books: Behavior, School, Community, Home, Getting Along.
  • Breakthroughs: How to Reach Students with Autism by Karen Sewell.
  • Visual Strategies for Improving Communication by Linda Hodgdon, Quirk Roberts Pub.
  • The New Social Story Book by Carol Gray, Jenison Public Schools, Jenison, Michigan.
  • The Original Social Story Book by Carol Gray, Jenison Public Schools, Jenison, Michigan.
  • Educating Children and Youth with Autism: Strategies for Effective Practice. Ed. by Richard L. Simpson and Brenda Smith Myles.
  • Solving Behavior Problems in Autism: Improving Communication with Visual Strategies by Linda A. Hodgdon, Quirk Roberts Pub.
  • Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism, Ed. by Catherine Maurice. Co edited by Gina Green and Stephen C. Luce.
  • Targeted Life Skills: A Curriculum and Assessment Profile by Stetson and Associates, Inc.
  • Quick and Easy Ideas and Material to Help the Nonverbal Child "Talk" at Home by Carolyn Rouse and Katera.
  • Ideas for Using Classroom Materials to Teach Academics to Nonverbal Children and More! by Carolyn Rouse and Katera.
  • Hands-On Reading by Jane Kelly and Teresa Friend.
  • Math Exercises for Nonreaders by Anne Marie Johnson.
  • Going Out and About: A Community Based Educational Program by Kari Daniels, M.A., CCC-SLP & Connie Schaper.

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  • Andrew's Plan by IEP Resources.
  • Asperger Syndrome by IEP Resources.
  • Asperger Syndrome by Tony Attwood.
  • Comic Strip Conversation and Social Stories by Carol Gray.

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Web Sites

General Information on ASD

K12 Academics 

Future Horizons (800) 489-0727


Social Stories

Carol Gray, The Gray Center


Flemington-Raritan (NJ) Regional Schools
Social Stories
Emergency Situations



Autism PDD Net 

Visual Supports

FDLRS Sunrise 


Silver Lining Multimedia 

How to Use Visual Supports to Help People With Autism

Joe's Schedule

Picture Classroom Schedule / Sample

Picture Home Schedule / Sample

LD Resources

LD Online 

All Kinds of Minds 

ABCís of the Writing Process 

Concept Mapping 

Reading Rockets 

Study dogs 

Handwriting Without Tears

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Websites for Classroom Activities Free printable language arts, math, theme units, and portfolios. Worksheets, quizzes, and online practice Math, handwriting, word search, Language Arts, social studies, and geography. Pre-K to middle school.

Boardmaker printable.

Interactive fun for teens. Includes games, information about transition, music, and more.

Adapted books you can print. Made with Boardmaker and writing with symbols from by New York City Dept. of Education.

Contains photo gallery of ideas for the classroom and pre-made communication boards for classroom or home use.

Literacy activities.

Scientific data, use of NASA data for stimulate research.

Word play, interactive games.

Interactive games, phonics.

Grade level activities grades Pre-K to 7th and up.

Grade leveled online science activities. Great search engine for student activities. Free brainpop movies for language activities.

Offers many resources for symbols, boardmaker communication boards, social stories, etc.

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